Another Tech Company Leading on Leave

We get so excited when we see companies like Spotify step up to#leadonleave! Spotify’s New Parental Leave Policy Is Pretty Amazing Source: www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/spotify-parental-leave_564de6c7e4b08c74b73483fe?ncid=fcbklnkushpmg00000063  

The Working Mother/Child Care Gap

A must read to help understand the cultural history of the working mother/childcare gap we find ourselves in today. “By late 1944, a mother could send a child of two to five years of age to childcare for 50 cents per day (about $7 in today’s money, adjusting for inflation). That included lunch, and snacks … Continued

Little Working Moms Support Detrimental to Mental Health

This 8-year longitudinal study delivers some needed data about the experience of working mothers and mental health. Lead author Dr Elizabeth Westrupp said one of the surprising findings was that the pressure did not ease as the child grew up, with this kind of stress-induced mental health issues in women persisting for the first eight … Continued

Will the Rest of the Business World Catch Up to Tech?

Great article from Julie Kashen at the Century Foundation — with charts and footnotes! Oh my! Tech Companies Are Leading the Way on Paid Family Leave, and the Rest of the Country Should Catch Up Source: apps.tcf.org/tech-companies-paid-leave?utm_source=hootsuite    

Remember Karl

This is a tough, but important read. Too many parents are asked to part with their infants before either is ready. Tragically for this family, their son died on his first day away from his parents. As a way to remember Karl, his parents created a website where you can lobby your government representative to … Continued

What You Should Know Before You Return from Parental Leave

Yes, this is from Vogue, but many of these are suggestions we find ourselves offering to our working mothers – it is just plain smart to start back midweek. And always, always, always #1! 13 Things Every Woman Should Know Before Returning From Maternity Leave – Vogue Life hacks every working mother should know, including … Continued

The Long Game

Taking extended leave is not just a balance calculation about whether you make enough money to pay for childcare and living expenses in the here and now – you have to take the long term perspective. Salary confessions of working moms – Business Insider “There’s a ton of discrimination for women who’ve taken time off to … Continued

A Love Letter on Breastfeeding from a Husband to His Wife

We hear a lot about the importance of breastfeeding for the baby, but this lovely post illuminates the impact supported breastfeeding can have on the whole family (no judgments here for those who did not breastfeed for whatever reason!). The moments he describes are the moments that make up a life of partnership between parents. … Continued

The American Case for Paid Parental Leave

Even for those of us who do parental leave work every day this fantastic TED Talk is very hard to watch. It is gut wrenching that this is the truth of our nations working mothers. Watch this to learn — and feel — a bit more about what drives us every single day. And then … Continued