We believe parental leave is your most overlooked leadership development and growth opportunity – whether you are an employee or an employer.

Our unique, evidence-based approach to the parental leave transition will help new parents navigate leave (and return!) like pro’s and companies retain and develop their key talent.

Are you ready to lead on leave?



There are few transitions bigger than the one that comes with moving from being a working person to a working parent. We help organizations do the important and often challenging work of supporting new parents and their managers through this complex transition. At the same time, our RETAIN certified parental leave coaches act as therapist, doula, executive coach, and consultant for expecting and new working parents. What we offer is more than a work-life benefit.

For companies, it’s an investment in talent development and a way to strengthen your position as an employer of choice. For working parents, it is a personal and professional lifeline. Our approach to parental leave has the power to harness the inherent personal growth of parenthood, transform your workplace culture, improve your business, and make lives better.