Free Resources for Parental Leave

Whether you’re an expecting parent, or supporting someone who is, we’ve compiled a few free resources that will help plan, manage and enjoy parental leave.

Guide: Your 6S System for Transition Success™

Take charge of your working parent transition with the 6S system. This guide walks you through each S for your analysis of your own transition.

5 Tips to Keep New Parents Centered in the Chaos of Modern Life

Healthy survival requires a deeper understanding of self-care – what is it and what isn’t in — and some clear and easy ideas for how to stay grounded and sustain it long term.

Issue Briefs

  • Issue Brief One: Role & Identity Shifts During the Parental Leave Transition
  • Issue Brief Two: It’s Not Just Parental Leave, it’s the Parental Leave Transition
  • Issue Brief Three: The RETAIN Parental Leave Coaching Method

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