We Help Companies Help Parents

We believe parental leave is your most untapped leadership development and human growth opportunity.

Our Solutions

RETAIN™ Parental Leave Coaching Hub

Training and support digital hub using evidence-based, human-centered parental leave coaching.

Strategic Consulting

Expert guidance on policy and practice.

Assessment and Screening

Data-driven transition support – physical, emotional, mental.


Collect the right data points and metrics to drive change internally.

There are few transitions bigger than the one that comes with moving from being a working person to a working parent.

We help organizations do the important and often challenging work of supporting new parents and their managers through this complex transition.

What we offer is more than a work-life benefit. It’s an investment in your company’s talent development and a way to strengthen your position as an employer of choice.

Our evidence-based approach to parental leave has the power to harness the inherent personal growth of parenthood, transform your workplace culture and improve your business.

Products and Services

All of our products and services are grounded in our evidence-based RETAIN Parental Leave Coaching methodology – a coaching framework built on 35 years of research and practice.

We help you support moms, dads, and managers with offerings that provide a structured, yet customizable, employee development process during an unpredictable time.

All of our expert certified coaches, consultants and facilitators have specific training in the RETAIN Method™ including transition theory, perinatal mental health and wellness, unconscious bias, leadership development for adult learners, and systems thinking.

RETAIN™ Parental Leave Coaching Hub

Your competitive edge beyond compliance.

RETAIN Parental Leave Coaching™ is the first and only evidence-based and human-centered training method trusted for over a decade.

Our RETAIN Parental Leave Coaching Hub teaches parents and managers how to navigate all three phases of parental leave – preparing, during, and returning – with quick self-paced courses, expert-led webinars, and so much more.

Our platform makes it easier than ever to support parents and managers just-in-time when they need it most as they navigate the major personal and professional transitions that happen during this time.

Think of your RETAIN Coach as an executive coach, therapist, doula, and consultant—all in one—to help your employees, managers, and organization maximize the opportunities of this timeframe.

Experience the Benefits

  • Improved health, well-being, and self-care
  • Affordable memberships with immediate access
  • Leadership development and career upskilling
  • Stronger workplace relationships and culture

Developed by Dr. Amy Beacom, RETAIN provides a set framework to track and replicate results, yet is customized to each client’s unique situation.

This flexible foundation allows our RETAIN certified coaches to capitalize on emergent leadership development opportunities, while also guiding the client through the more predictable challenges experienced during this major work and life transition. The full RETAIN program takes place over the 3 phases of parental leave transition, but can be tailored to begin at any phase.

Our digitally delivered RETAIN Parental Leave Coaching Hub is for expecting parent employees and their managers. It can be customized to fit the needs and budget of you and your team, including:

  • Single Assessment and Coaching Session – screening assessment plus individual coaching session(s) for next steps action planning for parents in all phases of the parental leave transition.
  • One on One Coaching – individualized support for new parents on your team over the parental leave transition period.
  • Ongoing Group Coaching Cohorts – join professionals from similar industries for support, camaraderie, and education. These communities of care and learning are accessible on a regular basis. 
  • Community Events, Webinars, and Live Training – expert-led virtual events to expand users’ know-how and networking to put RETAIN coaching concepts to work.
  • Community and Peer Support – a nurturing space to ask questions, share wins, and learn from peers (managers and employees) going through the same experiences.

Lead Your Leave and Making Leave Manageable Training Platform

A tech-enabled RETAIN-based training and coaching program for employees and managers navigating leave.

The only validated, evidence-based parental leave support program for both managers and new parents with the power to provide individualized support to your employees while strengthening your work teams. This program has three options so you can choose the right level of support for your organization.

RETAIN is woven throughout our Lead Your Leave and Making Leave Manageable training platform, and customized one-on-one coaching is available.

Strategic Consulting

General Parental Leave Consulting

Our expert parental leave consultants help guide you toward your goals, whether helping your company develop a paid-leave policy for the first time, expand an existing policy, shape internal communication and practice, or enhance services to maximize your new parent experience. We know how to guide your decision-making process to avoid common missteps while capitalizing on your strengths.

Lead on Leave Policy & Practice Audit

Our research team works with you to understand and analyze your existing parental leave policies and practices along with any relevant federal, state and local leave policies.

We turn our findings into a clear, concise, and comprehensive report that uncovers potential program improvements and will help guide your business decisions. Our audit helps you leverage the attraction, retention, and employee engagement opportunities inherent in this work-life transition.

Parental Leave Transition Assessment (PLTA) + Perinatal Mental Health Screening

The Parental Leave Transition Assessment (PLTA)

Developed by Dr. Amy Beacom with leading workplace psychologists over many years, our Parental Leave Transition Assessment™ (PLTA) is the only evidence-based parental leave measurement tool in existence.

The PLTA is a self-assessment designed to identify a new parent’s unique assets and liabilities in what we call their “6-S system for transition success”— six areas of impact that have an oversized affect on a new parent’s ability to navigate their parental leave transition with ease, and successfully and sustainably return to their career.

Parental Leave Transition Assessment – Manager Questionnaire (PLTA-MQ)

The PLTA-MQ is a unique tool that is not about assessing skills, but rather enables managers to identify and develop a comprehensive picture of the resources available to them, and conditions working against them, within the 6S system for parental leave transition success. The PLTA-MQ serves as a valuable resource to direct goal setting, action planning, and leadership development *whether working with or without a coach.

Workplace Perinatal Mental Health Screening

Our tools offer the option to integrate perinatal mental health screening into the parental leave transition assessment to increase diagnosis and support.

This combination offers an unprecedented way to measure support needs by pinpointing the exact areas where focused attention and support can have the greatest positive impact.

The resulting PLTA Report is personalized to the individual and provides specific actions and resources to help.


We love data.

Data tells the story of where you’ve been and ensures you end up where you want to be. It’s our most powerful tool for implementing successful changes to your parental leave program.

The data tells us programs designed for individual parents alone are not nearly as effective as systemic interventions. Our holistic approach not only helps retain individuals, it helps drive employee development and business growth. Our unique method of data collection and analysis will show you how to use your own company’s data to make your business case too.

Our work is built upon creative, meticulous research so you can make thoughtful, solid decisions. We have a comprehensive set of data collection tools to help you define and improve your company’s approach to parental leave:

  • Custom Parental Leave Research Programs
  • RETAIN Lead on Leave Audit
  • Expecting to Work – Continuous Improvement
  • Ongoing Research Projects and Partners