CPLL is proud to offer the first perinatal mental health screening to be used in a workplace setting.

Workplace Perinatal Mental Health Screening

At CPLL, our certified RETAIN Parental Leave Coaches use this screening tool at each of our coaching sessions throughout the 3 phases of leave (Preparing, During, Returning).

With regular screening, coaching clients know that someone is watching out for them and is there, not to diagnose, but to help them screen for any potential mood or anxiety disorders they may be experiencing. Our coaches help them sort out the difference between the normal ups and downs of this emotional journey from when additional support may be needed. If additional support is warranted, RETAIN Coaches support their clients to access mental health professionals through their work benefits, their own insurance, or even free resources and support through our partner organization, Postpartum Support International.

By providing regular screening along this full timeframe – when the new parent is at work and at home – RETAIN Coaches have an unprecedented window into their full experience so that parents can get help faster. Early screening – and referral for diagnosis – can mean the difference between thriving or suffering to the point of having to leave work altogether.

We believe in the power of screening to ease suffering and offer help towards wellness. In that spirit, we offer this screening freely for anyone to use

Our screening uses the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS). The accuracy and validity of the EPDS has been proven through over 30 years of research and use. It has been translated into more than 30 different languages and used in at least 25 countries. It is widely used among health professionals and supporters to help identify mothers and fathers who might be experiencing pregnancy or postpartum depression and anxiety.
Through our work, it is the first perinatal mental health screening to be used in a workplace setting. It is incredibly gratifying to our coaches to witness the level of reassurance and relief this process offers clients.

We work with Postpartum Support International as a referral partner to support any expecting or new parent grappling with postpartum pressures.

Additional resources, including help finding a trained perinatal mental health care provider, can be found at these links: