The steering committee has canceled the September 11th Oregon Parental Leave Summit to move to a new format that will enable more people to attend in the coming months. We’ll be sharing more details soon.

We are excited about what that may look like and are busy working to craft an informative, engaging, and timely program.

Parental Leave isn’t just policy, pay, and paperwork. Learn proven ways to seize this historical moment to attract and retain talent and position your company as an industry leader.

Our country needs organizations to look to who know how to do parental leave right. We want them to be looking to Oregon and to you!

Join with us to create this unique cohort community of Oregon innovators so we can all learn, grow, and lead together.

Who should attend?

Employers, HR professionals, senior leaders, leave navigators, working parents, and advocates who want reliable information about preparing for and managing paid parental leave. We recommend specifically that companies consider sending 3 people to build a brainstrust/committee to improve leave internally: an HR professional; a parent; and a manager supporting an upcoming leave.


Beyond simply learning about the new Oregon Paid Leave law and its requirements – parental leave is increasingly important to emerging generations of talent. Staying competitive in the market requires knowledge and guidance from reliable resources to seamlessly deliver this new benefit. By understanding there are human considerations to plan for beyond just a new (very complicated) policy, you will be better positioned to avoid administrative chaos and the frustration that comes when personnel expectations and policy are not aligned.

Why now?

With access to paid leave benefits currently scheduled to begin on September 2023 (note: date subject to change) prioritization, planning, and preparation will position you, your company, expecting parents, managers, and teams for success!