Transition to Working Parenthood With Greater Ease & Clarity

The Parental Leave Transition Assessment

The transition to parenthood is an exciting—yet challenging—time. Especially in the US, where we don’t have the policy and practice infrastructure to support new working parents.

Developed by leading workplace psychologists and parental leave experts over many years, our Parental Leave Transition Assessment (PLTA) is the only evidence-based parental leave measurement tool in existence.

The PLTA is a self-assessment designed to identify a new parent’s unique assets and liabilities in what we call their “6-S system for transition success”— six areas of impact that have an oversized affect on a new parent’s ability to navigate their parental leave transition with ease, and successfully and sustainably return to their career.

Every parental leave transition is unique.

Learn the assets and liabilities of your particular transition so you can focus your time, energy and resources where you need them most.

Step 1

Take the PLTA

During this 30-minute assessment, you’ll answer a series of questions about the circumstances of your transition to parenthood.

Step 2

Get Your Customized Results

Your personal PLTA report will show you the unique assets, liabilities, and pivot points of your transition to working parenthood, make suggestions to support your leave, and calculate your customized transition risk score.

Step 3

Meet with a Parental Leave Coach

A CPLL-certified parental leave coach will review your results with you via a video call to help you leverage your assets and offset your liabilities by adding support in areas where you most need help.

Step 4

Create Your Next Steps Leave Plan

Use our leave planning template to create a customized transition plan for all phases of your leave: before leave, during leave, and returning from leave.

Included in your PLTA Coaching Package:

Parental Leave Transition Assessment (PLTA)

PLTA Customized Report + Personalized Feedback and Recommendations

One-on-One Parental Leave Coaching (1 hour)

3-Phase Leave Planning Template + Guided Next Steps

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Take the PLTA, get your customized report, then book your appointment with a coach to review your results and be on your way to a smoother transition.

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Learn how to bring the PLTA to all new parents in your work organization so you can better support your key talent.