We love research.

Do you have the data you need to make the business case for parental leave at your company?

We do  — because it’s a case we’ve been obsessed with for nearly a decade. We’ve created the network and honed the questions so you can back it up internally as well. It’s a case that we are working to make stronger every day.

We’ve partnered with LeaveLogic to create the first international database to focus exclusively on parental leave data across a wide swath of companies — big and small — some with extended leave policies, some without. We collect and interpret the data and bring what we learn to bear in our work with you.

We help you identify specific points in the working parent timeline where your employees are at increased risk of attrition, and where the smallest intervention can help keep them engaged. We can tell you which programs and policies have the highest impact and which are just a nice to have.

The data tells us programs designed for individual parents alone are not nearly as effective as systemic interventions. Our holistic approach not only helps retain individuals, it helps drive employee development and business growth. Our unique approach to data collection and analysis will show you how to use your own company’s data to make your business case too.

Custom Parental Leave Research:

Is your Parental Leave process working for you? We partner with companies like yours to craft targeted research to explore your unique Parental Leave Leadership challenges and triumphs. Then we help you decipher your data and use it to drive business results.

RETAIN Lead on Leave Audit:

Are you collecting the right data to make your business case? Our research team will work with you to analyze your current data collection methods and identify any missed opportunities or gaps. Collecting the right data will help you tell the story that will help you make the changes your company believes in.

Expecting to Work – Continuous Improvement:

As we work together to implement changes to your parental leave program, we measure results at each key stage of the process. The data collected helps us customize your parental leave program to meet the needs of your business, monitor progress, and identify ways to improve.

RETAIN Parental Leave Research Roundtable:

Our Research Roundtable, done in partnership with the Working Parent Support Coalition, is made up of an international cohort of companies who have joined together to share their Parental Leave experience – with us and with each other – as a way to create internal change and publicly state that they are serious about advancing quantifiable Parental Leave Leadership. If you are interested in joining our Research Roundtable, the Working Parent Support Coalition or contributing to the first database devoted solely to parental leave research, contact us.

Research Projects & Partners:

When you work with us, you may choose to make an impact beyond your own organization. From academia, business, and the nonprofit worlds, we’re bringing together the best and the brightest people to grow a network of thought leaders dedicated to advancing parental leave leadership. Our research partners address parental leave related issues such as: executive coaching, workplace health and safety, adult learning, leadership development, risk management, organizational psychology, and perinatal mental health, among others. These auxiliary experts share our commitment to building the evidence base for parental leave progress and allow us to bring their deep knowledge into our work with you.

Research tidbit: According to recent research, professional women take an average of two to six months off for maternity leave, but 96% of surveyed men took less than two weeks for paternity leave.

Boston College, Center for Work and Family