The (Often Overlooked) Third Phase of Parental Leave: Your Reintegration Back to Work​

The (Often Overlooked) Third Phase of Parental Leave: Your Reintegration Back to Work By Amy Beacom, EdD | Last Updated: December 12, 2023 Linkedin Instagram Instagram Facebook Twitter In the major personal and professional rite of passage our culture simply calls, parental leave, one phase often gets overlooked: the reintegration phase. The excitement of the … Continued

Parental Leave Policies Can’t Repair a Broken System Alone

Companies are unfairly expected to do the work of society. Despite years of advocacy, a vast majority of U.S. employees still lack access to paid parental leave, with low-wage workers, particularly women and people of color, being the most vulnerable. Additionally, very few managers and expecting/new parents receive any type of leave resources or navigation support, let alone socio-emotional transition support.

What We’re Learning from FMLA Thirty Years On

Celebrating FMLA and 30 Years of UNPAID Job-Protected Leave At the Center for Parental Leave Leadership, we’re reflecting on how far we’ve come toward economic and health justice in the last three decades since the Family Medical and Leave Act (FMLA) was signed into law, while also looking to the future of paid family and … Continued

Be the Boss Lottery: How Managers Can Win at Parental Leave

Leading Strategically for the Whole Person and the Whole Team Are you a manager who thinks parental leave is solely put on this earth to drive you crazy? It’s time for a reframe. Parental leave is instead an important and unique opportunity for managers to shape their own leadership skills and the skills and abilities … Continued

FMLA is Twenty-Five! A Roundup of Anniversary Articles and Resources

Happy Anniversary to the Family and Medical Leave Act! Since it’s inception in 1993, FMLA has been used over 200 million times! That’s a huge impact on American’s families — for whom using the law meant their job was protected so they could care for themselves or their loved ones. While FMLA provides job protection for … Continued

Busting the Biggest Myth About Proposed Paid Leave Laws

A version of this article appeared on the Oregon Business Magazine website on April 11, 2017. The words “mandated paid family leave” tend to cause a mild panic in the hearts, minds and pocket books of small business owners. “We can’t afford this! We’ll have to lay people off! We’ll go under!” It’s an understandable fear, especially … Continued