4 Leadership Lessons of Motherhood

When a mother brings home her little bundle of joy, she’s bringing home the biggest responsibility of her life. She is now in charge of another human being. She sweats to protect and guide her child through life’s most vulnerable period: childhood. Sadly, this is not fully recognized and appreciated in our society as the … Continued

Busting the Biggest Myth About Proposed Paid Leave Laws

Many small business owners worry about paid leave laws being a burden to them. In this opinion piece for Oregon Business Magazine, our founder, Dr. Amy Beacom, explains how such laws can actually help small business and why small business owners should get involved in the movement to pass a state wide paid family leave … Continued

A Bold Move to Retain Women in STEM While Supporting Men to be Equal Caregivers: PAE Announces Generous Gender-Neutral Paid Leave Policy

It’s pretty shocking: 40% of women who enter the engineering field leave by mid-career. 40%! That’s a BIG problem. Today, we’re proud to tell you about a client of ours working for change. PAE, a West Coast engineering firm, just announced a generous paid “Wellness Leave” policy that provides up to 6 weeks of full … Continued

New Findings: What Voters Think About Paid Leave

  We’re poring over the results of new research conducted by the National Partnership for Women & Families on election eve and election night that took the pulse of voters on issues related to paid leave. Here were a few findings that stood out to us: Voters of all partisan affiliations agree that it is … Continued

Leave Leader Spotlight: EY

This past April, EY, a global professional services firm, made an eye-catching announcement about expanding parental leave and surrogacy benefits for its US employees. EY’s new policy grants 16 weeks of paid parental leave for both men and women welcoming a child through birth, adoption or foster care. We sat down with Ellen Williams, an … Continued

A Short Note From Our Founder

I just had to write a short note to explain the loud celebrating you may have heard from us on April 2nd. When I dreamed up the Center for Parental Leave Leadership (CPLL) while living in NYC over 9 years ago, the idea of paid leave was a goal, but one I was repeatedly told … Continued


Don’t let the big names in the news fool you – only 13% of the U.S. workforce has access to any form of paid leave – even one day. So yes, as this article says: “The question is whether the radical re-think underway at some marquee corporations will, in effect, trickle down. Even optimists say … Continued

Our Official Birth Announcement!

New Consultancy is First in U.S. to Focus Exclusively on Parental Leave Research, Policy and Practice. The Center for Parental Leave Leadership (CPL Leadership) is pleased to announce its expansion to the United States, making it the only U.S.-based consulting and coaching practice solely dedicated to shifting our parental leave culture through improved policy and … Continued