Our Official Birth Announcement!

press-release2New Consultancy is First in U.S. to Focus Exclusively on Parental Leave Research, Policy and Practice.

The Center for Parental Leave Leadership (CPL Leadership) is pleased to announce its expansion to the United States, making it the only U.S.-based consulting and coaching practice solely dedicated to shifting our parental leave culture through improved policy and practice within our companies.

Our mission is to fundamentally improve the way our country and our companies engage with parental leave. We accomplish this culture change through a suite of evidence-based parental leave focused services including strategic consulting, RETAIN™ coaching, manager training, and targeted research and analysis.

As paid leave policies in the United States are rapidly changing, companies need pioneering policy and proven practices to attract, support, and retain their valuable employees. At CPL Leadership, we believe the parental leave transition is your most overlooked leadership and human development opportunity. We help you transform your parental leave practices and tap into the transformative personal and professional growth opportunity that becoming a parent affords.

Our Founder, Dr. Amy Beacom, has worked in the field of executive leadership development and coaching, with a particular focus on issues of relevance to women leaders for 20 years. In 2006, while pursuing her doctorate at Columbia University and experiencing the birth of her first child, Amy envisioned a new field of executive coaching and consulting that focused on the unique challenges and opportunities faced by working parentsand their work organizationsspecific to the parental leave timeframe.  CPL Leadership and its unique evidence-based approach is the result of that vision.

Our senior leadership is a team of  internationally recognized organizational development thought leaders, researchers, and practitioners with a focus on work-life integration who have a deep commitment to parental leave culture shift. Our hand-picked coaches and consultants have solid academic and professional credentials and receive special training in our RETAIN methodology. All of CPL Leadership’s work is data-driven, tested and continuously improved to help companies create thriving cultures that support working parents.

Committed to walking our talk, CPL Leadership is a triple bottom line company pursuing B Corp certification. To learn more about our work and stay abreast of the shifting parental leave climate in the U.S., please subscribe to our mailing list or reach out to us on social media.

Together, we can shape the change to come.


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