A Love Letter on Breastfeeding from a Husband to His Wife

We hear a lot about the importance of breastfeeding for the baby, but this lovely post illuminates the impact supported breastfeeding can have on the whole family (no judgments here for those who did not breastfeed for whatever reason!).

The moments he describes are the moments that make up a life of partnership between parents. Without the opportunity and time for parents to bond over the care of their children, the whole family can be impacted.

Can you imagine the opportunities lost to this father and this mother if he had not been able to be around to experience these moments? If only we could replace every breastfeeding story we hear full of loneliness and isolation with this story of care and love we would all benefit.

Breastfeeding tips: a beautiful love letter from a husband to a wife. Reservoir Dad has watched his wife breastfeed their 4 children for 9yrs. This is his love letter to say thanks. It also includes lots of breastfeeding tips.


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