It’s Not Just Postpartum Depression

All of our RETAIN certified coaches are trained to make discussion, screening, and guidance for perinatal emotional complications overt and a standard part of their coaching support – both throughout pregnancy and after becoming a working parent – for moms, dads, and for their managers/teams.

These kinds of complications can have far reaching impacts – which can become positive life enhancing developmental opportunities if recognized, supported fully and treated appropriately.


It’s Not Just Postpartum Depression | MotherWoman I am struck again and again by how many families say they were not fully informed about the range of perinatal emotional complications that they may experience, even though these complications are known to be a common consequence of pregnancy.


Thank you #MotherWoman for this article and thank you to all of the groups you mention who work tirelessly on this issue. We’d like to add and thank Oregon based Baby Blues Connection (BBC) and Australia based Center of Perinatal Excellence (COPE), their work is incredibly healing for so many.


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