A Short Note From Our Founder

I just had to write a short note to explain the loud celebrating you may have heard from us on April 2nd. When I dreamed up the Center for Parental Leave Leadership (CPLL) while living in NYC over 9 years ago, the idea of paid leave was a goal, but one I was repeatedly told … Continued

Our Official Birth Announcement!

New Consultancy is First in U.S. to Focus Exclusively on Parental Leave Research, Policy and Practice. The Center for Parental Leave Leadership (CPL Leadership) is pleased to announce its expansion to the United States, making it the only U.S.-based consulting and coaching practice solely dedicated to shifting our parental leave culture through improved policy and … Continued

End the Mommy Wars

We have some mixed emotions about the fact that so many thought provoking and dare we say, GREAT, videos are coming out — and they are advertisements. But if this helps one mother, and doesn’t hurt another, we approve. Plus it hit us in the feels. Hard.  

Paul Ryan Demands to be a Parent, Too

Ellen Bravo says it so well: “On the one hand, we’re delighted to see a male elected official talk about spending time with children,” said Ellen Bravo, executive director of Family Values @ Work, a coalition in 21 states working for family-friendly policies. “This is just what we want and we know about the double … Continued

The Challenge of Work Life Balance

Lots of head-nodding as we read through this piece in the New York Times. Work/life balance issues are not solved by being in a higher income bracket. “The struggle is real,” as they say.    

It’s Not Just Postpartum Depression

All of our RETAIN certified coaches are trained to make discussion, screening, and guidance for perinatal emotional complications overt and a standard part of their coaching support – both throughout pregnancy and after becoming a working parent – for moms, dads, and for their managers/teams. These kinds of complications can have far reaching impacts – … Continued